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Health For Life Medical Centre Kingston

The Health for Life Medical Centre has been providing exceptional preventative health care since 2006, including wellness assessments and on-going personalized & multi-dimensional lifestyle management plans. 

The Centre's program is designed for people over the age of 40 who wish to ensure that they are doing what they can to remain as healthy as possible.

Our package of services includes:

  • Assessments of overall health and wellness status, fitness, activity/exercise regimen, eating habits, nutrition status, and life situation, including family, work, stresses, and goals,
  • an individualized health and wellness plan to assist you to maintain and improve your health, and 
  • a lifestyle medicine approach to health, to provide you the most cutting-edge information to allow you to live the healthiest life possible.

Our philosophy of service

The clinic provides an exceptional preventative health and wellness service.  The team's philosophy is that "information is power" when it comes to our health and that lifestyle is the most powerful medicine available to us.  We have limited the number of clients that the Centre will enroll to approximately 200 people, in order to maintain a high level of flexibility and the ability to provide personalized and responsive care.

What's New?

Health for Life News

Happy 2017 to all of our clients!

We have been open for 10 years (and counting!) and we think it is a perfect time to take a fresh look at what we do at Health for Life, and help our clients Renew their approach to their health as well. 

If you want to get started on Renewing your health sooner than your annual renewal date, just call the clinic and we can book you to meet with our Health & Wellness Coach Jo-Ann.  Jo-Ann will be please to work with you on updating your goals and your approach to your health. 

See you soon! 

In good health, 

Dr. Kilpatrick & the Health for Life team.

CHIP Online (Complete Health Improvement Plan):  For those of you interested in enrolling in the CHIP Home Study Course, the next program runs from May 31, 2017 - August 9, 2017.  To get more information about the CHIP Home Study Course and to sign up, visit their website http://online.chiphealth.com/ 


Health for Life Medical Centre proudly supports:
The Nature Conservancy for KFL&A – Depot Lake Nature Reserve.   http://www.landconservancykfla.org/
Memorial Centre Farmer's Market - http://memorialcentrefarmersmarket.ca
Breast Cancer Action Kingston (BCAK) ( for their new exercise space) http://www.bcakingston.org/

Health For Life Medical Centre
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